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Services Breakdown


30 minutes

Shampoo before or after (includes a hot towel), cut to desired length and style, straight razor on edges with hot lather, styled with product.

Kids Cut (12 & under)

30 minutes

Cut & style with hair product (shampoo available upon request).

Buzz Cut

20 minutes

All clipper cut with no fade (one guard only), straight razor on edges with hot lather, shampoo.

Full Straight-Razor Shave

30 minutes

Our signature service! We shave with the grain and then against the grain for maximum closeness. We use steam and many hot towels throughout the service, as well as shaving oil, beard softener and hot lather, for a comfortable shave like none other! We end your service with a cold towel, lotion and after shave. Shaves can be performed with or without a beard or other facial hair.

Teen Cut (13-17 yrs old)

30 minutes

Cut & style with hair product (shampoo available upon request).

Hair Color

30 minutes

Full consultation, semi-permanent color applied to blend out grey hair, shampoo (hot towel), style with product.

Beard Clean-up

15 minutes

Trimming and sculpting to desired length and shape with trimmers, straight razor on edges with hot-lather, electric shaver on neck, one hot towel (no steam).

Small Design

5 minutes

Simple design with straight-razor finish (2-3 inches, 5 minutes max).

Sideburns & neck clean-up

15 minutes

Line up all around, light taper at neck and sideburns only (fade not included), straight razor on edges with hot lather, style with product (shampoo available upon request).


10 – 30 minutes

Eyebrow shaping, removal of unwanted ear and nose hairs.

Mini Facial

20 minutes

Relax under steam with an exfoliating mask while you enjoy a scalp or hand massage. We will cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin with different Anthony brand products. The hot towels and steam will have you feeling relaxed!

B&W Image of bearded man with caption: "A Great Beard is like a Great Suit, Tailored to You."

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