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Haircut – Shampoo (hot towel & hand massage), cut (straight razor on edges), style with product – 30 minutes

Classic Straight – Razor Shave- Steam, hot towels (3), 2 shaves (one with and one against the grain for closeness), hand massage, cold towel, after shave & lotion with face massage – 30 minutes

Buzz Cut – Shampoo (hot towel & hand massage), cut with one clipper length all around (straight razor on edges) – 20 minutes

Kids Cut – Cut & style, no shampoo/razor/hot towel included (available upon request) – 30 minutes

Hair Clean-up – Neck and Sideburn line up, straight razor edges, hot towel on neck, style (shampoo-available upon request) – 15 minutes

Beard Clean-up – Trim and sculpt shape of beard, line up neck with trimmer, line up top with razor, 1 hot towel (no steam) – 15 minutes

MANicure – Soak, cuticles, clean, trim, shape, buff, hand/arm massage, hot towel – 30 minutes

Pedicure – Soak, scrub, cuticle, cut, shape, buff, leg and foot massage, callus remover – 40 minutes

+Pedicure add ons: Peppermint foot treatment, Hot stone massage, extreme callus remover – 10 minutes each

Mini-facial – Cleanse, Scrub/exfoliate, Mask, Tone, Moisturize, Hot towels (3), Cold towel at end, hand/arm massage – 25 minutes

Full Signature Facial– Mini Facial + facial massage + extractions + steam – 50 minutes

Hair Classic Color – Full consultation, Color + shampoo, hot towel, hang massage, Style – 30 minutes

Waxing – Eyebrow shaping, ear, nose, arms & back- Hair removal, followed by skin cleanser and soother – 15-30 minutes