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Haircut– Shampoo before or after (includes a hot towel & hand massage), cut to desired length and style, straight razor on edges, styled with product.

30 minutes

Buzz Cut– All clipper cut with no fade, straight razor on edges,, shampoo (hot towel & hand massage).

20 minutes

Full Straight-Razor Shave– Our signature service! We shave with the grain and then against the grain for maximum closeness. We use steam and 3 hot towels throughout the service, as well as shaving oil, beard softener and hot lather, for a comfortable shave like none other. You also get a hand massage, followed up with a cold towel and soothing after shave at the end. This service can be performed with or without a beard.

30 minutes

Sideburns & neck clean-up– line up all around, light taper at neck and sideburns, straight razor on edges, style with product (shampoo-available upon request).

15 minutes

Beard Clean-up– Trimming and sculpting to desired length and shape with trimmers, straight razor around edges, electric shaver on neck, one hot towel (no steam).

15 minutes

Kids Cut– Cut & style with product, for children 12 and under (shampoo available upon request).

Teen Cut– Cut & style with product, for young men 13-17 years old (straight razor and shampoo available upon request).

30 minutes

Hair Color- Full consolation, semi-permanent color applied to blend out grey hair, shampoo (hot towel & hand massage), style with product.

30 minutes

Beard Color– Full consolation, semi-permanent color applied to blend out greys in facial hair, shampooing of facial hair, followed up with a hot towel.

30 minutes

MANicure– Soak, trim cuticles, cut, clean, buff & shape nails. Followed up with a relaxing hand massage and a hot towel to end.

30 minutes

Pedicure– Soak, trim cuticle, cut, clean, buff & shape nails. Leg and foot scrub with callus buffer. Followed up with a relaxing leg and foot massage, 2 hot towels to end.

40 minutes

Mini-facial– Cleanse, scrub/exfoliate, rejuvenating mask, relaxing hand & arm massage, total of 3 hot towels used with steam, cold towel at end followed up with toner & moisturizer. (extractions available upon request)

30 minutes 

Waxing– Eyebrow shaping, removal of unwanted ear and nose hairs

15-30 minutes

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