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Welcome to Your Presidents Barber Club

Katie & Laura

The President’s Club Barbershop was founded by Katie La Vecchia and Laura Aguilar in 2017 as a one-stop shop for Men’s Grooming. The Presidents Club is dedicated to providing a world class grooming experience, in honor of the classic man. Together Katie and Lara bring over 20 years of experience and are true entrepreneurs at heart. They took the time to master their craft so they can now offer such a high end mens grooming experience with no limit on the services they can provide. From the precision haircuts to the unparalleled hot straight razor shaves, nothing at The Presidents Club is short of exceptional.

For over 10 years Katie La Vecchia has been honing her craft as a Master Barber.  She realized that men want a place to relax, get a shave, perhaps watch a game while keeping up their classic look.  The President’s Club provide top quality haircuts, straight razor shaves, traditional wet shaving and other services for an affordable membership in Millburn, NJ.  The President’s Club team comprises of skilled professionals that is dedicated to exceptional customer service.  When President’s Club first opened, Katie and Laura wanted to stand out from the rest of the pack by offering both classical and unique services for an affordable monthly price.  With a pleasant atmosphere that fosters great conversation as we want you to enjoy every aspect of your next haircut, style and/or shave the President’s Club.
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